Monday, March 17, 2014

Fairfax County Police GET STUFF DONE!!! Thanks!

Every time it snows this person, who I love and respect, parks his Mercedes in the crosswalk that blocks the W&OD trail and makes it dangerous for people to cross the street.  They are forced to walk in traffic. 

Here's the guy.

I called Fairfax Police.  I got the number from 411 and asked for the non-emergency Fairfax Police phone number.  The dispatcher asked for my name, phone number, location and a description of the car.  She thanked me and was SUPER nice.  It took less than 2 minutes to report the guy.  (I later found out that 411 connected me to the emergency dispatch line... but that didn't seem to matter.)

We rode back past an hour later and VOILA!  The car had been moved!

It is now MUCH safer to ride, walk and ski on the trail.  Thank you Fairfax County Police!  You have proved yourself AWESOME again!

When you see something like this, please take a few moments to take action.  You'll make the world a better place... even if it is just a small corner of the world.




  1. I love a kind win...and I love (most) of our police officers as well. I find them to be largely respectful and responsive to my concerns. And the bicycle officers who support us on Bike to School day are amazing. Them being on bikes seems to break down the barriers for kids to interact with them.

  2. so attractive story dear its really great job by Fairfax County Police Metro Taxi