Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dairy Queen Errandonneuring Metric Century

The Nonsense:

Dairy Queen:  This comes from the DQ abbreviation for “disqualification”.  

I tend to do ride challenges in a very different way in which they were intended… thus I’m often “Dairy Queened” on them.  Who can forget Coffeeneuring from a few years back?  The challenge was to include a lovely coffee stop on your weekend endurance rides and document them with photos and blog entries.  I took a bit of editorial license and changed it to “CatFood-enneuring”.  I did a series of endurance rides in which I stopped in some lovely, small town in the hinterlands to buy cat food.   I never published the results because I figured it might be interpreted as mocking what I actually thought was a lovely challenge worthy of serious effort.  

The Not-Nonsense
The Challenge at Hand:  Errandonneuring.  Here’s how Gypsibug designed for the randonneuring community:

Basically it motivates people to do errands by bike.  Awesome and beautiful quest!  This year I decided to take the challenge a bit seriously.  I had a busy day and decided to document all of my errands.  I went out of my way to do a few extras in my day on the bike to see what I could actually complete.   

1)  Coffee: (Coffee or Dessert Control) at SoHo near Dupont Circle:

2) National Bike Summit Congressional Ride (Community Meeting Control) near the capitol.

3) Hair Cut (Personal Hygiene Control) in Falls Church, VA:

4) Lunch (Breakfast or Lunch Control) Celebrity Delly in Falls Church, VA:

5) Mountain Bike Advocacy Meeting (Community Meeting) Falls Church, VA

6) Grocery Store (Grocery Shopping) Falls Church, VA:

7) Library to return books (Library or reading Control) Fairfax, VA:

8) Cat food shopping (Misc Shopping (Not Groceries)) Falls Church, VA :

9) Bike Shop for tubes and CO2 (Bike Shop Control) Falls Church, VA:

10) Are shorts in stock? (Misc Shopping (Not Groceries)) Arlington, VA:

10b) Cat Toy Shopping (No control — I already have 2 Misc Shopping Controls)  Arlington, VA:

11) Commute to work (Work Control) Adams Morgan, DC

12) Dinner (Dinner Control) Adams Morgan, DC

12b) Banking (No Control.  I’ve already done 3 Misc Shopping Controls) Falls Church, VA:

13) Frozen Yogurt (Coffee or Dessert Control) Falls Church, VA:

14) I need WINE after a day like this (Grocery Shopping Control) Falls Church, VA:

Sooooo... After all of that, why am I Dairy Queen on this challenge?????  It doesn't start until tomorrow.  D'OH!

I really just wanted to show what is possible. :D   Here's the route:

Enjoy this challenge.  It is wonderful!  Go ride your bike!


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