Saturday, June 6, 2015

We All Need To Relax Out There!

I went for a drive on Friday.  It’s not like I never drive… most weeks find me behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle for at least a short trip with my wife.  I don’t often get on the Beltway or interstate though.  

I drive within the law.  I drove the speed limit, left safe distance between vehicles, chose the correct lane for the speed which I was traveling,  signaled my turns and lane changes and came to complete, legal stops. 

Here’s what I noticed:  Other drivers treated me EXACTLY the way aggressive drivers treat bicycles.  They honked, yelled, threatened me and tried to run me off the road.   

I did the same thing in the car as I do with the bike.  I smiled and wished people a good day.  When I had the chance to talk to someone at a stop light, I wished them well.  It was a nice day, so that happened a few times during the drive.  

When I arrived at my destinations, I was relaxed and mellow in spite of the craziness that was going on around me.  I know being a PAL (Predictable, Alert, Lawful) isn’t easy.  It is the only way that I’ve found that gets me to where I’m going relatively safely and in a positive mood.

For more information on the PAL Ambassador Program, stop by this web site:  Sign up.  Participate.  Your world will be safer and happier as a result.