Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bike To School Day: A quick report.

I never do small blog posts.  Well almost never.

I was so wrapped up in stuff that I didn't get any events planned for Bike To School Day.  I suck.  I was, however, riding into town to have coffee with friends this morning when I saw a convoy of kids and parents heading to school.  They were slowing to make a left turn as I approached.  I wanted to watch the parade and cheer them on, so I unclipped and pulled off to the side.  I got my camera out to snap some photos.  I cheered them on.  They were all ear to ear smiles.  It was 4 parents and 3 kids and they were really proud and happy to be riding.  


It was only when I turned around to check traffic before pulling back onto the trail that I noticed that 6 cyclists behind me had also pulled off to watch the procession.  Every one of the spectators also had huge smiles on their faces.  

I'm glad I'm not the only sap that is happy about seeing stuff like this. 

Rock on, people.  


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