Thursday, October 25, 2012

I love going to the dentist!  Not sure that's ever been said before.  I think the reaction to that statement isn't too far off from people's reactions when I say that I love my commute!

Now that I've hopefully got your attention, let me back up a little.   Welcome! 

I decided to add a little different focus to my blogging, so this is my newest adventure on the interwebs.  My existence for the last few years seems to have revolved around improving my relationship with my bicycle(s) and helping people improve their relationships with theirs.  We all have reasons why we don't ride.  I'd like to help get rid of those and help you see some awesome reasons why you SHOULD ride. 

The focus isn't limited to commuting.  Mine certainly isn't.  I picked that title because "I <3 my commute" is such a great contrast.  Not many people can use "love" with "commute" with a straight face.  I can.  I can't wait to move from home to work and back again.  While not the only highlight of my days, it is always one of them.

So let's get rid of some reasons not to ride and find a way to leave the car at home.

I'm looking forward to this conversation.

Rock on!


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